Serving as the News Director for FingerLakes1.com, I manage the day-to-day news operation of a regional news organization reaching more than 30,000 unique readers per week.

Born and raised in the Finger Lakes, I’ve spent my career diving into the politics, economics, and social issues embedded in rural, Upstate life.

In 2015, shortly before becoming the News Director of FingerLakes1.com, I started a podcast called Inside the FLX to take my career mission to a new audience. As technology has evolved, diverse, digital news has become a necessity.

Beyond my day job, I’m a regular columnist for the Finger Lakes Times. My initial exposure to the world of print and journalism was through this vehicle, which started with an editorial written when I was 14-years-old. That piece, published when I was a freshman in high school, was enough to get me hooked.

While I wouldn’t find my niche in the business for another 8 years, it began the process, and was instrumental in my development as a writer.

The Times column focuses on social and political issues in the Finger Lakes. Mainly focusing on issues in Seneca, Ontario, Wayne, and Yates counties.

As Inside the FLX has grown in audience and strength — a spin-off podcast, co-hosted with former-Geneva City Councilor Jackie Augustine launched last winter.

All of these pieces will be published here, with outbound links provided.

News tips: josh@fingerlakes1.com